The Duty Doctor or Nurse

Our GP’s and Nurse Consultant take turns in being duty clinician, dealing with urgent matters and problems you believe won’t wait until a routine appointment. We don’t like keeping patients sitting in the waiting room, and so ask that in the first instance you phone with any urgent problem. The duty clinician strives to make a prompt initial phone contact, but our availability has made us victims of our own success. A duty clinician may deal with over 100 patient contacts each day.

If you believe you have an urgent problem, please phone the surgery as early as possible in the working day in order that we can plan patient care. Please tell the care navigator a little about your problem in order that we can prioritise serious illness. Please make sure you are easily contactable in return.

Depending on the nature of your problem, the duty clinician may offer a telephone consultation, or a face-to-face consultation with a GP or nurse at the practice. If you and the doctor or nurse agree that you have a serious health problem that prevents you coming to surgery, they may offer a home visit. They may suggest a more appropriate health care provider, such as the Minor Injury Unit, a dentist or an optician.