Private services and fees

Many certificates, examinations and reports are not covered by the NHS and require a fee to be paid to the practice. We will usually ask you to pay for the service in advance – you are paying for the doctor’s time, which will have been wasted if you don’t attend an examination appointment or collect a completed form.

Spilsby Surgery is registered for VAT and all prices include VAT at the standard rate unless otherwise stated.

If the certificate, report or examination you require is not listed below, please ask at Reception. The doctors are likely to decline any request to complete ‘Fitness to …’ paperwork which requires specialist assessment. Examples include forms requesting an opinion on fitness to dive, to drive if diagnosed with dementia, and to parachute.

CERTIFICATES:                                                                                          Fee 

Private sick note (VAT exempt)                                                         £26.00

Holiday cancellation insurance certificates                               £30.00

Fitness to Travel Certificates                                                             £30.00

Fitness to attend School Certificates                                            £30.00

Sickness/accident short certificate without examination   £30.00


Patient requested short letters                                                      £12.00

Ofsted form for child minders                                                        £54.00

Private healthcare claim form (VAT exempt)                           £57.00

School fees insurance claim form                                                £67.00

Firearms reports (initial report) for Lincolnshire Police     £60.00

Employers report and opinion without examination          £84.00

Solicitor’s report                                                                                  £96.00


Medical examinations (30 min appointment)

Pre-Employment Medical, HGV, PSV & taxi drivers medicals   £115.20

Holiday cancellation examination and Report                             £115.20

Employer’ Examination and Report                                                  £115.20

Court of Protection examination and report                                £115.20