Phone: 01790 728111
The Surgery Bull Yard, Simpson Street Spilsby, PE23 5LG

Tests results we request can take 10 days to arrive from the hospital. We try to contact you with any result that appears serious. However, unless your doctor or nurse has told you otherwise, it is your responsibility to contact us after 10 days to check your results have been received.

Please avoid contacting Reception for results in the morning when they are busiest – you’ll be helped quicker in the afternoon.

If a receptionist advises you to speak to a GP or nurse about the results, it’s safest to contact the clinician who saw you and requested the test – they will interpret it best. If they aren’t available in the next 3 working days, the receptionist will arrange for you to speak to another doctor or nurse. Please don’t ask our busy duty doctor or nurse to call you that same day. Likewise, if a hospital specialist requested the test, please don’t expect it to be sent to us to make sense of! Please contact their secretary directly if you haven’t heard from them.

Please call for test results after 2pm – our receptionists are busiest before this time. Patient confidentiality is non-negotiable – unless we’ve a record of your permission to speak to someone else about your health, we can only speak to you about your results.

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