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When General Practice no longer exists…

When General Practice no longer exists, and your child has Long Covid, will you take them to the offices of the Daily Mail instead? Where do I begin? Tuesday, and the conclusion by House of Commons’ Committees that the Government’s pandemic response was one of ‘the most important public health

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Tumbleweed sighted in the Surgery

Tumbleweed sighted in the Surgery ‘Confirmation bias’ is the tendency to search for, interpret and favour evidence to support one’s pre-existing beliefs. It has been brought to the attention of your PPG that when it might take three weeks to book a routine GP appointment, there are times when our

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Sore Throat

Sore Throat I have become complacent in thinking that only elected politicians and their lickspittles undermine GP services.  This week I was reminded that doctors are sometimes their own worst enemies. A big ‘thank you’ to Flemish researchers and their study of the treatment of sore throats, published in the

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Computer Virus Hack

Computer Virus/Hack – 16 May 2017 When the Care Quality Commission visited Spilsby in November 2016, their Lead Inspector complimented us on our website that sought to explain transparently how the NHS works and how it sometimes struggles. This is our take on the NHS cyber-attack debacle. GP computers are

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There isn’t enough general practice to go around

There isn’t enough general practice to go around The British Red Cross charity rightly reports NHS hospitals and ambulance services are in a state of ‘humanitarian crisis’. At the same time, the chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners voiced concerns that urgent care – often of minor illness

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0844 Telephone Numbers

0844 Telephone Numbers Facts In the past, many GP practices upgraded their phone systems with providers who used 0844 numbers. The systems provided new capacity and functions to improve patient care, but at an extra cost to callers. Six years ago the Department of Health asked GP practices to review

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KEEP TAKING THE TABLOIDS Are GPs in Lincolnshire less competent than their colleagues in the rest of the country? Probably not – though we declare a conflict of interest in making this assertion. Is Lincolnshire short of GPs? Undoubtedly there are problems attracting doctors in speciality training to the East

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Seven Day Opening You may have been invited to complete the national postal General Practice Patient Survey. In 2014, some 880 000 patients did. At a time when the Department of Health is championing 7 day opening in the NHS, the GPPS asked patients for its views on primary care

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Junior Doctors and You

Junior Doctors and You You may have noticed that General Practice has an image problem. And a recruitment problem. The national picture is worse in the East Midlands. The East Midlands problem is worst in Lincolnshire. Only 15 out of 37 GP training posts were filled in Lincolnshire this year.

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