Dispensary and delivery

NHS Regulations allow Spilsby Surgery to dispense medicines directly to patients who live more than a mile from the local Cooperative pharmacy, and outside the Spilsby and Hundleby parish boundary. We believe ‘one-stop’ dispensing, where our trained dispensers have easy access to your doctors, nurses and medicines records to be a high quality, safe and effective service. The dispensary is open from 8.30am to 6.30pm on weekdays, closing for staff training as detailed in our News section. If you require urgent medicines when the dispensary is closed, please contact NHS 111 .

The dispensary provides a delivery service within the practice area to all our dispensing patients, and weekly ‘monitored dose system’ medicines packaging to patients who have problems organising their medicines. Please ask to speak to a dispenser for further information.

Please note that medicines for home delivery must be ordered two full working days ahead of your usual delivery day, eg by the end of Tuesday for a Friday delivery.