Vaccination Data Resolution Service and Overseas Vaccines Validation Service

The NHS is encouraging people registered with a GP practice in England to check that their vaccination records are up to date, and to contact the Vaccination Data Resolution Service (VDRS) or the Overseas Vaccines Validation Service if their record isn’t showing correctly.

It’s important that records are accurate so the NHS can invite the right people at the right time if vaccinations are due. It might also mean a hassle-free journey for those planning to use an NHS COVID Pass to travel abroad.

Anyone intending to use their NHS COVID Pass for travel purposes is encouraged to check their COVID pass status before booking. If their record isn’t showing correctly, they should call 119. Everyone over 12 who has had a COVID-19 vaccination in England can view their record using the NHS COVID Pass web pages or, for those over 13, through the NHS App.

If a member of the public had their vaccinations in England but there is an error on their record, or they have a missing or incomplete record, they should call 119 and ask to be referred to the VDRS. The VDRS will then aim to contact them within 5 working days. Please note they need to be registered with an English GP practice to use this service.

For overseas vaccinations people over 16 who have had one or more COVID-19 vaccinations abroad that are approved by WHO can book an appointment at a vaccination site via the NHS website to show evidence of their vaccinations and request an update to their record.

An NHS COVID Pass cannot be gained through the VDRS or the Overseas Vaccines Validation Service but instead needs to be accessed via the NHS COVID Pass web pages or via the NHS app. If you do have queries in relation to overseas vaccination, please email UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) have updated their guidance on vaccination requirements for people who have received doses overseas to include requirements for children. It includes all vaccines that are commonly used globally.

Please note that the guidance provides advice about ongoing clinical care, not on eligibility for a COVID pass.

Please note: Any queries relating to incorrect personal information on a patient record (e.g. name, address) will still need to be resolved by their GP practice.

content courtesy Lincolnshire CCG

COVID Booster Jab

Booster vaccine doses will be available on the NHS for people most at risk from COVID-19 who have had a 2nd dose of a vaccine at least 6 months ago.

Most people can:

  • book a vaccination appointment online for an appointment at a vaccination centre or pharmacy
  • go to a walk-in vaccination site to get vaccinated without needing an appointment
  • wait to be contacted by a local NHS service such as a GP surgery and book an appointment with them

Or phone 119 to book your Covid vaccination booster jab.

Your COVID Pass

An NHS COVID Pass shows your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination details or test results. This is your COVID-19 status.

You may be asked to show your pass to travel abroad, or at events and venues in England asking for proof of your COVID-19 status.

For information on how to get your COVID pass click on the link below. Here you can also find useful guidance on how to get a pass if you are in the armed forces or have been vaccinated in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey.

COVID-19 medical exemptions: proving you are unable to get vaccinated

How to apply for official proof that, for medical reasons, you’re unable to be vaccinated or unable to be vaccinated and tested for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have had a Covid vaccination(s) in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and have since moved to Spilsby Surgery you will need to phone 119 and ask the call agent to make a referral to the Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS).  The VDRS team will then call you back within 5 working days.

If you have had a COVID vaccine in a foreign country.
A new service is due to be launched which will allow for the recording of COVID vaccinations administered in a foreign country and have these recorded in the National Immunisation Management Service (NIMS). Although the surgery can record a vaccination received in a foreign country in a patient’s record, until this is recorded in NIMS it will not show in the NHS app or NHS COVID pass app. This new service is due to be launched December 2021.  We cannot offer any further advice until we are updated ourselves.  Vaccinations administered in foreign countries are not currently recognised in the NHS app or COVID pass app.

A third primary vaccination is available for people who have a weakened immune system/are immunosuppressed when they had their first two doses. Appointments for third primary vaccinations are not bookable, however, you can walk into either of the Mass Vaccination Centres at PRSA Mass Vaccination Centre, Boston PE21 7PB, or at the Lincolnshire Showground Mass Vaccination Centre, Lincoln LN2 2NA.  Please take your NHS letter with you to confirm your eligibility.

If you are immunosuppressed and therefore eligible for a 3rd primary dose but have already received a booster vaccination you do not need to do anything. The booster jab will be automatically changed to a third primary dose.

Contact the surgery, you can use our contact form on this website, and inform us when, where and what vaccinations you were given, including the batch number. This should be available on the card you were given at the time of your vaccination. We will then contcat the relevant department to get your record updated.

When you attend a clinic, either by appointment or walk in, and would like to know the details/ingredients of the vaccination you are being offered, please ask the person vaccinating you.  If they are unable to answer then you should request to speak with the lead GP at the vaccination site who will be able to answer your question.

You can prove who you are without sending photo ID as your GP is in England. If you have registered with us for your GP online services, you will have been given 3 registration details.
You can use these 3 registration details to prove who you are instead of using photo ID.
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