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Back to school

September’s return to school will inevitably lead to a rise in Covid infections. When an NHS worker lives in the same house as someone with Covid, they aren’t allowed to attend work for 10 days – even if they themselves have been doubly vaccinated and have a negative PCR swab. If family test positive one by one, the NHS employee could be away from the workplace for over 2 weeks!

Many of Spilsby Surgery’s staff have school-age children, and we anticipate the autumn will prove an ongoing challenge for our team. Care Navigators, secretaries, nurses and doctors don’t work as effectively from home – especially if they are caring for family members.

We trust the great majority of patients will continue to show understanding if as a consequence it takes us a couple of minutes more to answer the phone, it’s an hour later when we deliver medicines to your door (our free non-NHS service), it takes longer to return your call, or to provide a non-urgent appointment.

We are however experiencing a number of unpleasant contacts from the public, and wish to make it clear that the GP partnership and management will have zero tolerance of behaviour that our colleagues find distressing. This means removing individuals from the Spilsby Surgery list if they are abusive to staff; requiring the patient to register for GP services elsewhere.

Please continue to support your GP surgery, so we can be there to support you.

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