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Maternity Provision at Boston Pilgrim Hospital

Discussions are currently underway regarding the proposed downgrading of maternity provision at Boston Pilgrim Hospital under the LHAC.  Concerns are as follows:

  • the distances patients would have to travel within our large county to access maternity provision or consultant
  • the risk that because of the distance to travel and the costs involved with that, that some higher-risk patients might choose not to and thereby put themselves further at risk
  • the capacities of other hospital’s maternity provision to cope with the extra patients who would have been seen at the Pilgrim
  • the de-localisation of rural services and the centralisation of services in Lincoln in one of the country’s largest counties and that one size doesn’t fit all
  • the plans for a rescue service on the East Coast for at risk patients in light of a perceived inability for EMAS to cope with any further traffic to Lincoln County Hospital.  And this comes at a time when EMAS has been in the press for failing to achieve its current targets

If this proposal causes you concern please visit the online petition which was already circulating and write to MP Victoria Atkins and MP Matt Warman to voice your opinion.

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