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The British Medical Association published analysis of the latest funding figures released by NHS Digital.

According to Investment in General Practice in England, the Government is falling short on its pledge to invest more in GP services.

Overall spending on GP services as a proportion of the NHS budget is still below the level it was at a decade ago, with 7.9% of overall NHS investment going to general practice in 2016/17 compared with 9.6% in 2005/06. This means general practice is receiving £2bn less than it would have been had spending been maintained at 2005/06 levels.

It has been accepted by the BMA and the Royal College of GPs that an 11% target of the overall NHS budget must be allocated to general practice to adequately tackle the crisis. However, the Government is £3.7bn short of meeting this commitment. With rapidly rising workload pressures, practices cannot be expected to deliver a comprehensive service for as little as £151 per patient each year.

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