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Symptoms of Covid infection aren’t confined to fever, a continuous cough, or loss of taste or smell. They can include headache, weakness or tiredness, muscle aches, runny nose, appetite loss and sore throat.

See the infographic here

Lateral Flow Tests – LFTs or rapid home tests – are used to look for infection in people who have no symptoms of Covid; to prevent them from spreading infection amongst family, in schools and in workplaces. LFTs are not accurate enough for people who have symptoms. If you are are unwell, you need a ‘gold standard’ PCR swab test that you book online or by phoning 119.

As life returns to normal, all respiratory infections are on the rise, and some people will need to be examined by a nurse or GP.

Spilsby Surgery’s cramped premises don’t allow us to safely see patients with possible Covid alongside other sick or vulnerable patients. If a member of our team contracted Covid from a patient, many of our staff would have to self-isolate, seriously affecting the care we provide to all patients for several days.

If someone might have Covid and needs a face-to-face appointment, they need to travel to a ‘red site’ at Skegness, Louth or Boston Urgent Treatment Centre.

We understand the inconvenience this causes, but there is a simple solution! If you have symptoms of possible Covid, book a PCR test immediately! If you then need to be examined, the test is negative, and you can show us your result, we can offer you a face-to-face appointment here at Spilsby Surgery.

You don’t know it’s not Covid, and nor will we risk that it isn’t, without evidence of a current negative PCR test. Please help us to help you, to protect the NHS, and protect those around you.

July 2021

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