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Minor illness update

Between December and April, the Surgery’s collaboration with pharmacist Steve Reeson and his team at Spilsby’s Cooperative Pharmacy proved a considerable success. Many hundreds of patients received advice and treatment for minor ailments at the pharmacy, giving our own doctors and nurses more time to care for those of you with serious and complex problems. The scheme was funded by ‘winter pressures’ money. Winter is over and funding has melted away, but the NHS remains close to breaking point every day of the year, and it is vital that patients contact the right NHS service for the right problem.

Spilsby Co-operative pharmacy continues to offer free assessment and advice for the following problems during pharmacy opening hours

Allergic rhinitis (runny nose), athlete’s foot, infective conjunctivitis, cold sores, constipation, cystitis, dermatitis, diarrhoea, earache and minor outer ear infections, minor headache, flu-like symptoms (coughs, colds and fevers), new indigestion and reflux, insect bites and stings, mouth ulcers, nappy rash, scabies, sore throat, teething, threadworm, vaginal thrush, verrucae and warts.

Where the pharmacy recommends an ‘over the counter’ treatment, all patients will have to pay the cost of that medicine. The cheapest ‘generic’ medicines will be offered where available.

Most patients who contact the Surgery with the above symptoms will continue to be redirected by our receptionists to the pharmacy. Self care advice is also available online at NHS111. This will ensure our duty nurse or GP can help patients with complex and more serious conditions. Please continue to work with us for the benefit of all patients.

May 2017

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