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Minutes of the Meeting of the Spilsby Patient Participation Group
Wednesday 9 March 2016
The Grange, Ashby-by-Partney

Present:    Dorothy Dobson (Chair), Stephanie Wroe, Maureen Jarvis , Christina Holmes, Julie Rajput,  Jason Longstaff,  Enid Bailey

Apologies:  Jeanette Amaral,  Ken Wroe

Absent:  Margaret Saunders

1. Apologies
Apologies received from Jeanette and Ken.

2. Minutes of previous meeting
The previous minutes were approved and signed.

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes
Unsure of any reply from Sian Lovell in response to email sent by Jeanette re attendance at meetings.

Chemotherapy Bus
Still no reply from Victoria Atkin MP.

£5/Head Monies
Maureen had contacted surgery to request help/support for vulnerable elderly lady and was delighted with quick response, appointment made and help provided.  Excellent service.  Enid similarly commented that support was brilliant.  Funding available for this service until March 2017 – decision beyond that still to be made.    Surgery seeking to appoint someone to support Georgie in this ever demanding role.

Blood Test/Review Appointments
Issue re blood tests resolved by Jason.

4. Good Neighbour Scheme Update
Chris attended meeting on 1 February 2016 run by Community Links at the Franklin Hall, Spilsby – only a few organisations represented.    Follow-up meeting held on 29 February but Chris unable to attend.  It is understood that a committee has been formed, they have a constitution, and should be able to move forward and be pro-active.  A letter has been sent to those people who have signed up.

5. East Lincolnshire Listening Event
Chris received a members’ newsletter – event hosted by CCG on 4 February at the football ground in Boston during the day which is not an ideal time due to people working, collecting children from school etc.  No feedback yet received and Dorothy to take this matter back to CCG.  Agenda item for next meeting.

6. Mobile Chemotherapy Bus
Chris attended ULHT meeting and subsequently contacted A Richards at ULHT to ask what progress was being made.    Chris received a reply on 1 February, which she read out to the meeting, stating that the bus had been due to be operational at Skegness from December 2015 but this had not been possible as ULHT are struggling to recruit trained nurses.  Plan was to operate bus in Louth from February 2016 but this has also not been possible.  At the present time no dates can be confirmed by ULHT.  The main problem seems to be that there are not enough trained nurses – a national shortage and ULHT are trying to recruit staff.

In correspondence A Richards stated that any fund raising monies go to the charity Hope for Tomorrow but Chris queried this.

Dorothy had had a telephone conversation with the Head of Nursing for Cancer at ULHT and was also told that they were having difficulties in recruiting trained staff.

The general opinion was that we were being ‘strung along’.  Dorothy had asked ULHT why no business plan had been prepared with a suggestion that the money would have been better spent to improve the facility at Skegness Hospital.  Dorothy raised the matter again with the CCG Executive on 9 March 2016.  Dorothy had suggested that perhaps money could be spent on extra chairs at Skegness and Louth Hospitals but this would prove difficult as Skegness Hospital is an ULHT property whereas only part of Louth Hospital is.  Dorothy to contact Sarah Ward again to discuss this matter.

7. Surgery Equipment Fund
The committee is not in a position to take over this at the present time and advises the Trustees to contact the surgery.

8. PPG Newsletter
Stephanie met with Jason today to discuss newsletter which is being prepared and which will be sent out/placed on the PPG website.  This newsletter will include the purpose of the PPG.

9. Surgery Update
Dementia Friends Bus was sited in Sainsbury’s Car Park on the morning of 9 March 2016 – not very well attended.

Dementia Friends Training on afternoon on 9 March in New Life Centre.

Jason reported that the practice is trying to organise a Dementia Café in Spilsby.

The committee felt that the practice should be congratulated on their efforts on this matter.

Registrar, Dr Marchant, will be leaving the surgery on 6 April and is not being replaced at the present time.

The practice has been accepted to receive medical students later on this year – students will spend 4 to 6 weeks at the practice.

New nurse joining Practice on 4 April 2016 following the departure of an agency nurse.

£136 event running at the moment and this highlights exactly what each patient could buy with £136 per annum, £136 being the amount the practice receives for each patient.

10. Consortium update
Dorothy had attended the Chairman’s Meeting where the chemotherapy bus was discussed.

11. Any other business

Minutes taken by Maureen Jarvis in absence of Secretary

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